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((LIVE STREAMS>))KSI vs IShowSpeed Boxing fight Live Free Online Broadcast 15 December 2023

DON'T MISS IT How to watch KSI vs IShowSpeed: TV channel and FREE live stream details for huge spar in London


Soon after IShowSpeed issued the challenge, KSI accepted—but only under the condition that it take place on December 15, the day of Jake Paul's bout with Andre August. KSI said, “December 15th, come through and let’s do this

Although KSI made no mention of Jake Paul, the two have been engaged in a lengthy feud even though they have never really faced off in a ring match.

Tommy Fury put an end to both fighters' winning streaks, so it's still unclear who the superior boxer is. However, it is unlikely that KSI and Speed's sparring on the same day as Jake's fight is a coincidence because their rivalry goes beyond simply who is the better boxer.

KSI, who is a prominent influencer-boxer, last fought Tommy Fury in October and faced his first-ever loss. The 30-year-old YouTuber will make his return to the ring as he is scheduled to face Speed. T . . . Later in November, Speed called for a fight against KSI, who gladly accepted the offer, by tweeting, “It’s that time I’ve been waiting to kick your a** for a long time. When is the sparring match? Stop ignoring me and stop being scared drop a date now b**** KSI vs iShowSpeed Fight: All You Need To Know When and where will the KSI vs Speed fight take place? The sparring fight between KSI and Speed will take place in London on Friday, December 15. In India . . . When is KSI vs IShowSpeed? KSI will face IShowSpeed in a sparring match on Friday, December 15th. The event will begin at 4am GMT/ 11pm ET, the same time Jake Paul is expected to take on Andre August. The spar will take place in London. All donations and YouTube revenue from the sparring match will be donated to the Anthony Walker Foundation. What TV channel is KSI vs IShowSpeed on and can it be live streamed FREE? KSI vs IShowSpeed will not be broadcast on a TV channel. You can watch the spar for FREE in the UK and the USA on IShowSpeed’s official YouTube channel. What’s been said? KSI has said: “Speed is a random guy, he just does wants he wants. You don’t know what to expect with him, if he wants to get in the ring then he can. “It would be sick to have Speed fighting, it’s all on him. I mean, it’s a boxing match so you can only punch. I’ve seen his speed and I know he is fast.” Where to watch the live streaming of the KSI vs Speed fight in India? The live streaming of the sparring fight between KSI and Speed will be available on IShowSpeed’s YouTube channel. Many fans felt t . Many fans felt that KSI purposely chose December 15 as the date for his clash against Speed due to his long-time rival Jake Paul’s fight against unknown professional boxer Andre August in Florida on t . Fury was victorious on the night in controversial circumstances after winning by unanimous decision, which led to KSI appealing the decision. The YouTuber-turned-boxer had his appeal over the result of the bout REJECTED by the PBA as there were no grounds to overturn the outcome of the Misfits melee. KSI could face Jake Paul in his next professional bout and the mind games have already begun. JJ will face YouTube friend IShowSpeed in a spar at the SAME time as The Problem Child’s clash with Andre August, in a ploy to divert eyes from the bout in Orlando.


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